Intagliare la zucca per Halloween: Contenitore per zuppa

… e la zuppa è servita nella zucca!

How to carve the pumpkin

First I cut the top like so. I make some marks on the top with a felt marker for a guide.

Here I use a channel cutter to make a design in the top. This is optional You can carve the base as well but be careful that you don’t get too close to the inside or the soup will leak out.

Here I make a mark where the lid lines up. This way you don’t have to rotate the lid a dozen times to find out where it matches up.
I ladle most of the soup out to a bowl and scrape some of the cooked pumpkin from the side of the walls.  Not too much as I want the walls to be thick and strong to hold the soup.
Anche il portaghiaccio è fatto con la zucca:
svuotate una zucca, inseritevi una ciotola di misura e riempite di ghiaccio.

 marthahalloween07_3.jpg         lfg-last-minute-halloween-party-ideas-pumpkin-cooler.jpg

zuccaKeeping_an_eye_on_my_pint_zucca halloweenJack-o-Lantern-zucca







Intagliare la zucca per Halloween: Contenitore  zuppa
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